King Flights


King flights

When I say the flights of a king I mean that in the context of the pursuit of a land to offset the royalty of the pair of heirs that cultivate the void that is bare into a treasure that’s rare and pure to assure a heritage.

What are titles and names and how do they become the foundational premise on which we build our identity and relationship with ourselves and those around us?

Now when I say king and queen I’m not necessarily referring to an actual royal bloodline in a kingdom somewhere but a frame of mind a state of being.

I believe that when man is in the place where he was created to be it would reflect that which we would call a king with authority power and dominion. That man was made to rule to build breakdown to share to love, to be fruitful and multiply.

And as we instinctively search for deeper meanings and more of all that is, we tend to pursue the path to uncover our potential. But a vital turning point in that happening is when the cross roads cross in the paths meet with a great plane base who brings another area of business and income into your city and gives you the necessary and desirable key into the inner workings in which you will cultivate into a harvest of seeds that will replenish the sky.

With an opening of your flights and continuation of your vacation that will carry on the memories of your trips fun and passion.

Our Sea Plane base Island

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We have an extensive fan base of tourists and travelers who frequent our base island.

Our vacation resort packages are not just about the style and relaxation the rest the scenery etc.

We are about the idea that is behind this line of resorts, behind the traveler, behind the principles of our organization which is the idea of excellence and that which is luxurious.

And if you would can have a conversation with any successful individual who has risen to high levels of achievement in any endeavor, then you will realize that there is yes a recurring theme of failures but there is also reoccurring theme Of getting back up again and due diligence even when the failures occur And then finally being rewarded for persistence with success.

When you can point out the man who has never failed at anything then you are pointing to a man who’s never achieved anything and who probably has never even tried to do anything worthwhile.

The Power of Thrust.

Is not a fear that is within the ingredient mixture of those who can call themselves fly.

When we look at the great plane pilot in the sky flying display of aerial endeavours, we can oooh and ahhh and marvel at the the flight show now that we see his art form in all the splendor of the spotlight.

And as a reminder as we slip onto the vacation that are the token of his great trip, we can remember to always get back out again.

Gratitude in the Base Foundation


Now in all that you do give thanks and be thankful.

The importance of remembering to always say grateful is something that is important no matter what business no matter where you are no matter what your part of them with what you doing.

Even the Bible says that in all that you do give thanks for this is the will of God.

No I say this in the context of the seaplane base here at the Oshkosh campgrounds due to the fact that our customers will appreciate it when They’re able to look at the man in the mirror and realize that they can see the vision so much clearer and then realizing that it is all connected right now.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue in God’s words do not return void when God is truly see through you realize that things are being created when you talk.

And then we know and understand that there is a timing there’s a rhythm of nature of God.

Under the shadow of the Almighty.

We can speak for him to the multitude in the masses in the congregations that have come to see the conversations for the elevations of resignation.

Does this train is not waiting in and we’re approaching in Doraville train station that we’re at we are arriving and waiting and knowing that we are coming to in approaching the platform of the nation.

And that’s why this is working in all aspects of the new terminology and that’s why we continue to do it and we grow from here I’m grateful for the average citizen to be blessed by doing it.

Takeoff Like the JumpMan


When you have a sea and a plane base for takeoff in everything related to taking flight pertains to you.

So let’s go ahead and have a post dedicated to mr. Jumpman his self original number 23 Michael Jordan.

An example of pacing for the long haul even means accepting the fact that there needs to be things done in the short term in the immediate and so not forsaking the necessity of what has to be done.

And maintain the ability to keep the intensity of your endeavor or whatever it is that you are doing even when you’re reaching the near finish line.

So the point of contemplation that I want to propose…

Forward to whoever’s attention is carried to this blog to be able to read these words that are coming out of the utterances of my flow the question I want to ask you, Is where do you see yourself going with in the time allotted that you have left in this earth?

What we can study the great and we can be inspired by the accomplishments in the sheets from the professional athletes or even professional great people who are all across different endeavours of life being the athletic acrobatic sports.

And we conclude and come to the point that we have no justification for any kind of limitations when I see that people have risen from less than we have there’s always been someone with less yet have been able to find a reliable source of good information that I’ve been able to help shape them into rise the ranks of the levels of those who soar with the planes.

Soaring Like An Eagle


Whether from sea our from land, flying is the only way we know.

The road to greatness or to the status of a ranked sergeant, is lined with many steps, which we want to make sure you takeat the right base.

Friends don’t let friends study anything less than the best. So what kind of friends will you be a king I did not have we suggest that you are at have the opportunity to learn from that which we offer to fulfill the necessities that you have as a pilot.

So your make the decision that a quote en quote normal life full of predictability is not the life that suits your vision and ambition so you set out to rise till the elite status is yours.

We’re all for it and we support that decision, but not only in words, but in deeds as we are a prime connection when it comes to bring able to prepare your feet for the oncoming steps.

Have you ever started a journey not quite fully knowing what to expect once you get underway?

That why we take so much care and apply so much attention to detail.

But here at the osh kosh sea plane base , we are fashioned for the long haul type of journeys that are designed to test the limits of your capacity to see if you really have it on you to do whatever is necessary to progress towards your goals and destinations.

And our biggest focus here is to encourage you as we gently remind you that we’ve got your back. And your aspirations covered, and we’re here for when you’re ready.