Don’t Breakdown While Flying

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What is the necessary element to be able to stay soaring while you’re flying and not being susceptible to losing altitude and falling.

Just think about the minute and needed components that have to work together seamlessly and harmoniously for airplanes be able to function.

You know we might get on a trip to go visit our family or maybe go vacation overseas or just take a business trip and never even think about it.

Just imagine such a huge and gargantuan machine that has such a responsibility of only carrying baggage cargo Precious Cargo of humans.

See if you were to have a blowout or some kind of accident while you’re riding in your four wheel vehicle that goes like your car.

Say there’s inclement weather and impromptu storm that just to go over and you had like maybe some ice that made you slip and slide over the freeway.

Even as horrible an atrocious and unfortunate as that occurrence is imagine if you didn’t even have the luxury of calling a tow company such as

How come airplanes don’t have tow companies?

All of this is said to be contemplated with a more of metaphorical undercurrent.

To make us think about the time when we are out even so much a parallel to a airplane but we are flying more so it might want more of a high note.

And how will we are at the top of the mountain when more visible than and yes there are not only more opportunities to fall but there are also lots of people waiting for the fall.

And it’s whatever if you will that we have to help us keep pressing on it will be parallel to our version of affordable roadside assistance.

Neighbor for some individuals may be their version of affordable roadside assistance would be getting away have a good conversation with a good friend or it may be a good meal or maybe even watching a movie could relate to flat tire replacement.

Whatever gives us air or sustenance to be able to get back to where we need to be.

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