In the Plane of the Sea


Okay it’s time to throw caution to the wind and move forward with Reckless abandon.

Weather by sea with a biplane with the red car with a fight Raleigh but it by states where to buy pogo sticks weather by skipping on the jump rope.

The recognition and understanding of movement and getting to the Final Destination through the process of going through the record continually that you evolve and evaluate through your journey.

So that when we get to this point we were fine at the place where we were recently in the plane and then we get to wear that she is always heat up with the wind Ashley and chili over the waters.

Indeed it is at that point we realize that we are Freeman Through the freedom that resonates with every fiber of her being that cannot be compromised by anything that man can say or not do.

That’s where the establishment but it’s not like I’m actually in because I can actually see.

Pacing up for the marathon a bit because you really is a Sprint in not really is a marathon actually I said it backwards Marathon not a Sprint.

And so when we’re talking about a seaplane base and you actually coming you see the waters and You recognize some slivered opportunity some sliver of hope that lets you let computer persevere and not rollover passively.

The rather Wade In The Water little children Wade In The Water at the windows and is the Billows roll in the waves come

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