King Flights


King flights

When I say the flights of a king I mean that in the context of the pursuit of a land to offset the royalty of the pair of heirs that cultivate the void that is bare into a treasure that’s rare and pure to assure a heritage.

What are titles and names and how do they become the foundational premise on which we build our identity and relationship with ourselves and those around us?

Now when I say king and queen I’m not necessarily referring to an actual royal bloodline in a kingdom somewhere but a frame of mind a state of being.

I believe that when man is in the place where he was created to be it would reflect that which we would call a king with authority power and dominion. That man was made to rule to build breakdown to share to love, to be fruitful and multiply.

And as we instinctively search for deeper meanings and more of all that is, we tend to pursue the path to uncover our potential. But a vital turning point in that happening is when the cross roads cross in the paths meet with a great plane base who brings another area of business and income into your city and gives you the necessary and desirable key into the inner workings in which you will cultivate into a harvest of seeds that will replenish the sky.

With an opening of your flights and continuation of your vacation that will carry on the memories of your trips fun and passion.

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