Our Sea Plane Flight Club


Now usually when a seaplane base is talking about a flight club in what comes to mind typically is something that has to do with actual Aviation.

However we’re going to take this time to appeal to a different aerodynamic Dynamic Wednesday which is found when we’re talking about things pertaining to footwear.

And when I say Footwear that is particular referring to be one somewhere that was known throughout the ages of apparel as the epitome of air of flight of taking jumping high of just longevity interest rate of jumping.

Now as you can imagine even as the wheels on a bus or in a vehicle need the proper shoes which would be the skids that are there on the tires which are there on the vehicle.

Even then as much do we need to consider the Footwear that is on our feet we were talking about our Journeys whether athletic or whether just for recreational or even fashion.

Poor preparation precedes poor performance so if you’re not prepared for what you’re doing then you’re setting up for failure.

Even as airplanes need maintenance what about the times when when and if your shoes need some revitalization and rejuvenation?

For the purposes of illustrating this point accurately we are going to step inside the world of business and use a parallel example using the style of business that this dependable auto wrecker service portrays.

Just how we Illustrated that if you have more preparation that you have poor performance then you’ll find yourself that one on the side of the road our sick in your driveway saying hmmm I need some help with my car on the road.

Or maybe you remember to make sure that your tires have the right amount of air and maybe putting some gas in it but maybe you are just rushed Absent-mindedly with the world and everything else on your mind and then you say to yourself ohhh snap, I locked my car keys.

These things and I believe happened but what we want to remind you to do here in this post and make sure that you have proper maintenance for one year about to take flight.


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